Red & green reading

Ecosocialist Bookshelf, August 2020

New books on fungi, climate & capital, food, bluefin tuna, & Cuban agriculture. PLUS new translations of Facing the Anthropocene, and two recent C&C book reviews

Pandemic responses

Covid-19: Asian contrasts and lessons

Some Asian countries have effectively contained the disease, while others have dramatically failed. What's behind the differences?

Reading matters

Ecosocialist Bookshelf: Mid-July, 2020

Six new books ... Greta Thunberg’s story; Fighting corporate food systems; Revolutionaries on climate; Food and revolution; A case for meat; Our carbon world

Film review

Is lab-grown meat the future of food?

Documentary on 'clean meat' fails to question the technology's rationale and blindly accepts dubious claims made by its promoters

Real rides and fantasies

Cars and drivers in the age of inequality

A magazine for fans of very expensive cars unexpectedly exposes the gross economic inequality that characterizes the U.S. today