Climate colonialism, illustrated

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99% of disease caused by climate change occurs in developing countries, and 88% of that affects children under age 5

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It’s often said that climate change is caused by the wealthy, but its effects are most felt by the poor. What does that mean in practice?

These maps, first published in the journal EcoHealth in 2007, powerfully illustrate just part of the gross injustice of a system that lets the imperial powers reap the benefits of fossil fuels, while the third world pays the price.

In this map, each country’s size reflects its cumulative carbon dioxide emissions, from 1950 to 2000:



And in this map, each country’s size reflects World Health Organization estimates of four major climate-sensitive health effects — malaria, malnutrition, diarrhea, and inland flood-related fatalities.



The authors note:

 “99% of the disease burden from climate change has been occurring in developing countries and 88% of that in children under age 5.”

Source: Climate Change and Global Health: Quantifying a Growing Ethical Crisis 


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