New pubs: 7 Billion vs 1%; Feed the world; Ecosocialist revolution

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Climate and Capitalism editors and writers in print …

DifferenTakes #73, published by the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College, is a new article by Ian Angus and Simon Butler,  “Panic over 7 billion: Letting the 1% off the hook.”  PopDev encourages wide distribution. Read online or download PDF here.  
“Feed the world without destroying the planet” is a new pamphlet on food sovereignty, published by Socialist Resistance in Britain. It includes articles by Spanish activist Esther Vivas, whose articles often appear in Climate and Capitalism, by the Belgian Marxist Eric Toussaint, and by Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus. Ordering information here.  
“How to Make an Ecosocialist Revolution,” Ian Angus’s talk at the recent Climate Change Social Change conference in Melbourne, has been published as a pamphlet, by Resistance Books in Australia. Order online here.  

“How to Make an Ecosocialist Revolution” is also the featured cover article in the November-December issue of Socialist Resistance magazine. Subscribe online here.