Video: The Rights of Pachamama

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An emotional and inspiring video that was created as a joint project between five indigenous communities in Peru with the message: ‘We wish from out hearts that these rights we are proposing will be added to and that people across the world recover their harmony with our Mother Earth.’

Thanks to Intercontinental Cry for drawing our attention to this video, which was made through a participatory process, with the following communities:

  • Perka, Puno, facilitated by Sabino Cutipa
  • Karhui and Queromarca, Cusco, facilitated by Rosio Achahui
  • Chaka, Ayacucho, facilitated by Pelayo Carrillo
  • Perccapampa, Huancavelica, facilitated by Balvino Zavallos
  • Cochas Grande, Junín, facilitated by Irma Poma

In April 2010 InsightShare’s Latin America Director Maja, and community video facilitators Balvino, Primitivo, Irma and Rosio participated in the exciting People’s Forum on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights, in Cochabamba, Bolivia that was attended by 35,000 people. This video was especially created for this special meeting and was screened at the side event of the official forum.

The project was facilitated by Maja Tillmann as part of ‘Conversations with the Earth’. Launched in April 2009, Conversations with the Earth is a collective opportunity to build a global movement for an indigenous-controlled community media network.

CWE works with a growing network of indigenous groups and communities living in critical ecosystems around the world, from the Atlantic Rainforest to Central Asia, from the Philippines to the Andes, from the Arctic to Ethiopia. Through CWE, these indigenous communities are able to share their story of climate change. Through the creation of sustainable autonomous indigenous media hubs in these regions, CWE fosters a long-term relationship with these communities, based on principles of local control and supporting indigenous media capacity.

Edited by Maja Tillmann and Rodrigo Otero
Cuyay Wasi, April 2010

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