European Assembly for Climate Justice, Nov. 26-29

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Program details, practical information, and venues are now available. Join us in Brussels for 4 days of debate, discussion, planning, films, cultural events, and action.


  • Friday 26th: Critical Mass bike ride, followed by social event.
  • Saturday 27th: Workshops, plenary and conference from 9:00 until 22:00.
  • Sunday 28th: Plenary and workshops to discuss strategies for the movement, and plan actions and mobilizations. Followed by “Sing for the Climate” event.
  • Monday 29th: Evaluation meeting.

In November and December 2010, the UN climate conference COP16 will be held in Cancún, Mexico. There is a real risk that these talks will be used by rich industrialized countries, multinational companies and international financial institutions such as the World Bank, to divide up and privatise what is left of our atmosphere, and impose their false solutions such as agrofuels, nuclear power, GMOs, carbon offsetting and the inclusion of forests in carbon markets.

In Belgium and across Europe, we face our own problems regarding climate and social justice: the risk of a new generation of coal and nuclear power plants, dangerously weak national climate policies, the harsh austerity measures being pushed as a response to the economic crisis instead of a “just transition” to new sustainable forms of production and consumption.

Activists from environmental and social movements from across Europe will be gathering in Brussels from 26th to 29th November to share ideas, experiences and visions on climate and social justice in Europe.

The event is open to everyone, and there is no cost to participate in the assembly.

The assembly is inspired by the call made by La Via Campesina for “Thousands of Cancuns” during the negotiations in Cancun. It is being organised by European and Belgian environmental and social movements including Friends of the Earth, Climat et Justice Sociale, Climate Justice Action Belgium/Climate Action Camp Belgium and La Via Campesina.

And we’re still looking for groups and individuals who can help us organising the event: contact if you’d like to help out.

Climate Justice in Europe

Workshops on Saturday 27th will look at various issues related to climate justice in the European context, including: access to water and energy, food sovereignty, the role of trade unions and “green capitalism.” We will also be looking at the role of Europe in the global climate crisis, including: the role of carbon trading and offsetting, how the Cochabamba agreement and peoples protocol on climate change can be used in Europe, as well as the impact of mining, oil and gas extraction.

A conference on Saturday evening will hear speakers from Russia and Pakistan explain the impacts of climate change in their country, and the struggles of people for climate justice.

On Sunday, there will be a chance to discuss plans for actions and mobilisations over the coming months.

The programme is available on the website:


We will start the assembly by joining the “Critical Mass” bike ride through Brussels. The critical mass will end with a social event. There is a possibility to hire bikes if you are travelling to the assembly from outside Brussels.

On Sunday afternoon we’ll be joining the Belgian Climate Coalition to “Sing for the Climate”, to bring a climate justice voice to the event.

Following the assembly, Young Friends of the Earth Europe are organising a convergence in Brussels for the 2 weeks of the UN climate summit.

Other actions might be planned during or shortly after the assembly. Keep an eye on the website!

A message for Cancun

During the assembly, we will be discussing a message that will be sent to negotiators meeting in Cancun. If you would like to be involved in writing this message, please contact:

We will also be collecting statements from people and movements affected by climate change, and struggling for climate justice.


The assembly will be a unique chance to meet people from European and Belgian movements struggling for climate justice. We can also offer meeting space for European movements/organisations/networks/groups who would like to meet directly before or after the event. Please let us know if you would like a meeting room.

There will also be space for groups to display information material or publications. Please contact us for more information.

Food and accommodation

Food will be provided at the event, at democratic prices. As far as possible it will be local, organic, seasonal produce. Some accommodation space is available at reasonable prices or for free in the homes of local activists, especially for people travelling from outside Belgium. Please contact us if you need us to arrange sleeping accommodation, or if you could offer a floor, sofa or bed to a visiting activist.

For more information about the event, and how you can get involved:
Check the website:
Or email: