Archive | October, 2010

Ecosocialist solutions for their multiple crises

An ecosocialist transitional program for the multiple crises of 21st century capitalism, from Socialist Resistance Özlem Onaran argues that “the social democratic utopia of growing our way out of debt is not consistent with the ecological crisis. “ Britain has experienced the deepest crisis among the advanced capitalist countries and it is far from over. The […]

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Hungary's red mud: natural or man-made disaster?

For years, environmentalists in Hungary and elsewhere have warned of the dangers of this by-product of aluminum production and especially the way it is stored ++++++++  (In Defense of Marxism, October 12, 2010)  Overnight the world has woken up to intimate knowledge of the process of extracting aluminium from bauxite and its by-product the red mud, […]

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New books by Derek Wall

Derek Wall, a founder of Britain’s Green Left and the Ecosocialist International Network, has two important new books published simultaneously. Highly recommended …. The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics measures the rising tide of eco-activism and awareness and explains why it heralds a new political era worldwide. New Internationalist Books 2010. The Rise of the Green Left: […]

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