UK unions and greens demand one million climate jobs

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New pamphlet calling for “One Million Climate Jobs” will be launched at the House of Commons, 6pm Thursday 14 October.

NEWS RELEASE (October 8, 2010) The economic crisis threatens to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of workers. Already, in towns and cities across Britain there are too few available jobs for those looking for work [1].

We also face a worsening environmental crisis. Increasingly scientific evidence is demonstrating that climate change is not only a reality, having the potential to wreck havoc on the lives of people across the globe, costing economies billions of pounds. Inaction, as Sir Nicolas Stern argued in 2006 could risk “losing at least 5 percent of global GDP each year, now and forever” [2].

The solution is to create climate jobs. At its 2010 Congress in Manchester, the Trades Union Congress called for the creation of “1 Million Green Jobs” to solve the economic and environmental crises.

This jobs – in renewable energy, refitting buildings, public transport, industry and education are the key to drastically reducing emissions of Greenhouse gases and helping avoid irreversible climate change.

The “Million Climate Jobs” pamphlet has sold thousands of copies across the Trade Union movement, receiving the backing of the PCS, TSSA, UCU and CWU unions. Its editor, Campaign Against Climate Change international secretary, Jonathan Neale said “Austerity plans that sack people won’t solve the problem of mass unemployment. Fine words won’t solve the environmental crisis. We need to create new jobs and put people to work doing what must be done to save the planet from climate catastrophe”.

Chris Baugh, Assistant General Secretary of the PCS added “With the government intent on imposing austerity measures to make us pay for the economic crisis, the campaign for one million climate jobs aims to build mass support for a real alternative that puts people and the planet first.”

Caroline Lucas MP, John McDonnell MP, Chris Baugh (PCS) and Jonathan Neale will speak at a launch meeting for the updated and expanded “Million Climate Jobs Now” pamphlet at 6pm on Thursday 14th October 2010, Committee Room 10, House of Commons.

For further information please contact Martin Empson (Campaign Against Climate Change) on 079 585 35231 or Richard Simcox (PCS press officer)

More information from contacts above or


[2] The Stern Review 2006