Indigenous Statement on Ottawa Firebombing

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The following statement was issued by the Indigenous Environmental Network, in response to the May 18 firebombing of a bank in Ottawa.

For Immediate Release

Wednesday May 19, 2010

Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) Statement on the Royal Bank of Canada Firebombing

Ottawa, ON, in response to the recent firebombing of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Tar Sands Campaigner of IEN, Clayton Thomas-Muller released the following statement:

“The Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) is an Indigenous led environmental and economic justice organization that supports community led strategies that enable Indigenous Peoples to continue to maintain the sacred fires of our traditions and to protect our lands and cultures from corporate exploitation and toxic contamination.

“First Nations in Canada’s tar sands have been waging an effective, transparent non-violent campaign against RBC and their dirty investments. The Indigenous Environmental Networks supports strategic non-violent direct action that is lead by impacted communities.

“We call on all people who recognize the need to stop RBC’s dirty investments to honor the leadership of frontline Indigenous communities.”


Tom Goldtooth Executive Director, IEN Office: 218 751 4967

Clayton Thomas-Muller Tar Sands Campaigner cell: 218 760 6632