The 'Disappeared' in Peru

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Derek Wall of Another Green World reports on the victims of Peru’s war against the indigenous people of the Amazon region of Bagua.

I am just reading ‘Los Companeros’ or ‘Comrades.’ ‘Los Companeros’ is about the war in Guatamala in the 1960s, ten of thousands of indigenous people ‘disappeared.’  Well it;s 2009 and indigenous people are still disappearing in Latin America, in fact in many parts of the world they are being killed.

Just had this. Let people know, Alan Garcia’s government will kill, if killing gets oil companies contracts.

The people who protect the world’s rainforest are killed….we must stop the killing

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Here are the names of us missing and we believe killed after the massacre at Bagua ….. the fear is that the media will collude with the powerful and refuse to investiage these disappearances …. the indigenous in the Amazonas region of Peru have asked that the names are spread through the web.

Eber Quispe Vásquez, Lorenzo Castillo Abad, Arcadio Peña López, Jovino Urbi Carrillo, Benito Soro Orrega, Saúl Wachapa, Cenepo Auarpa, Tiberio Nansh, Elmer, Kuja, Luis Manuel Usha, Rubén Wauhapa, Marga Reátegui, Savaría Timias, Eloy Ismiño, Eeraldo Mashianda, Suamut Fterpekit, Armanado Fterpekit, Pablo Yagkup, César Chumpi, Evelin, Leonardo y Rolando Kaje Kuja, Luis Jintach Esamat, Fidel Vilchez Tsejem, Grimaldo Najantai Kuja, Enrique Asangkay, Dasec, Nena Yagkug Nugkum, Wiles Nugtum Wilchez, Abercio Yagkum Vilchez, Amalia Sejekam Nugkum, David Yagkum, Artemio Yagkum Tsejem, Sicto Orechuela, Teófilo Baitag, Lazardo Asagkay, Delia Atamain, Liceth Yagkum, Nugkum, Saúl Pape Niumpataim, Pablo Sejekam Asangkay, Marcmino Agkuach, Julián Uwarai, Isaac Sabio, Silvanio Carlos, Emilio Dawau, Segundo Sabio, Gilberto Sabio, Narciso Sabio, Virgilio Anag, Agustín Nankabai, Escequias Carlos, Santiago Yuub, Wasum Vuracusa, Ernesto Sejekam, Vícto Sejekam Kukush, Eugenio Segekam, Ernesto Esash

Where are they? They are not in the lists of injured or arrested.

The accounts of the burning corpses and helicopters throwing corpses into the jungle are now more credible.

We must not let the genocidal murder Alan Garcia continue, with the madness of bribery.

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