Video: Rally to Free Bob Lovelace and the KI 6

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Highlights from the April 9, 2008 Rally at Ryerson University, Toronto: Land Rights, Not Mining Rights!

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Excerpt from an April 24 email from Paul York, University of Toronto Students Against Climate Change:

“The rally yesterday at Queens Park [Ontario Legislature building in Toronto] was awesome as well — hundreds of First Nations peoples in peaceful protest. At the climax of the drum ceremony, the skies opened up and it began to rain and thunder. Those around the drum circle let out a collective cry of joy at this auspicious sign from the Creator. It was a great moment and reminder of the infinite power of Nature / Mother Earth.

“A civilization which opposes itself to this power, as ours is doing, will itself be destroyed in the end. FN peoples seem to know this — many of those present spoke to me about climate change— and this knowledge provides the faith to endure the injustice of this historical period of ongoing colonization and to oppose it. As Chief Oren Lyons, in The 11th Hour notes, ‘The Earth has all the time in the world; we don’t.'”