Archive | December, 2007

Elaine Browne Quits the U.S. Green Party

Editor’s note: For some time it has been an open secret in U.S. radical circles that the Green Party is dominated by a “Demogreen” current that believes the organization’s main role is to influence the Democratic Party, rather than to build an independent radical alternative. The conflict between the party’s “moderate” leadership and the its radical […]

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Iraq and Climate Change

When our grandchildren and more distant descendants assemble in such classrooms as may be available and ask their teachers, “Why did our ancestors not take effective action to prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change?” one of the answers will surely be, “The war in Iraq.” (more…)

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Health Care: “Climate Change Will Ride Across This Landscape as the Fifth Horseman”

Excerpt from a lecture entitled Climate change and health: preparing for unprecedented challenges, presented by Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, in Bethesda, Maryland on December 10 As the climate scientists tell us, even if greenhouse gas emissions were to stop today, the consequences will be felt throughout this century. In the […]

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