What's Wrong With Carbon Offsets and Carbon Trading?

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These days, everyone professes concern about climate change. And with the advent of the Kyoto Protocol, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and carbon ‘offsets’, it looks like governments and corporations are at last starting to do something about the problem.But are they? Or are these ‘market approaches’ merely delaying action and diverting resources away from positive solutions? This year, more and more front-page news stories and investigative TV documentaries have told us that the neoliberal ‘carbon trading’ approach to climate change just isn’t working.What’s the problem? The Durban Group for Climate Justice’s book, ‘Carbon Trading: A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatisation and Power’, provides some answers.

For those who want something shorter, we’ve just posted on The Corner House website a series of articles, interviews and slide shows exploring the background:

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