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  1. Simohn Spearitt July 1, 2014 at 10:20 am |

    This is the way people must change and live in harmony.
    If Evo Morales is truly wanting to help change the way we live as most of us do, I hope he continues to speak his mind and help the countries of the world achieve his goals. They’re not that difficult and just.
    If Evo Morales is a man of honor and a man of his word, my hope is that he will influence the West (US) to comply and rid us once and for all of greedy corporations and irradiate GMO’s and Monsanto from existing at all. They are surely killing us all, or trying to.

    The idea in the 1980’s in the US that greed is good has ruined our way of life.

    my hope is not that
    “Only when the last tree is cut down
    and the last river has dried to a trickle,
    will man finally realize that we can’t eat money!”

    Thank you

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