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  1. Peter June 10, 2013 at 2:24 pm |

    (Eco)Socialists …
    * most times have good approaches even helping practically everyone (except powergreedy conservatives),
    * but still often propagate bad structures (because Totalism often is not ruled out; people feel that and stay sceptics) and
    * sometimes even use correct citations of Karl Marx while perverting the contents he attempted to bring on their way:

    Take the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, for example: Marx knew only totalistic structures at his time, from GottesGnadenTum (“pontifical grace of God enjoyed by the emperor, who rules as the representative of Christ on earth”) over totalistic Chancelors such as Metternich in Austria or Richelieu in France, “up to” public employee structures from Louis XVI 1789 over entire Europe to the russian Zars 1917.

    So what should Marx have put against those? Peaceful Occupy and Blockupy demonstration happenings of nowadays Civil Society and Civil Liberties activists? (mass murderings onthespot would have been the immediate result)

    I dont think it is perverting Marx, when I translate his revolution of the proletariat into Arabic Spring (going far beyond Tahir Square and Tunisia/Libya now) and Civil Society and Turkish Taksin Square and because circumstances and chances to peaceful-making-it-better-developments are totally different in 21st century.

    Probably civil wars are not really avoidable for all future but for the moment the non-martial development is nearer to Karl Marx I am persuaded: just take the Basic Income movements as one example.

    That is why I think that if Ecosocialists succeed to any little better point in any of the described 3 subjects (see my first 3 lines) then Ecosocialism will have immediate improvements in at least local and regional elections. It is absolutely not necessary to leave the field to those money rulers and their “politician” marionette gamblers (which happens when the basis of feelings of all those “simple people” is neglected or lost by structural or theoretical discursions where practical activism is needed)

    Yours Peter

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