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  1. William Meurer May 2, 2013 at 8:20 am |

    Hi Ian: Thanks for another great link to this important conference. Joel Kovel remains the most forward thinker in a solution to the ecological crisis by framing his comments in a spiritual base approach. Replacing today’s US “perceived capitalist” economy with a socialist one keeps us trapped in the “us vs them” no win situation. Lester Brown’s approach to assessing life cycle costs that include environmental depreciation to today’s economic activity is a good direction to explore. Throwing out an incentive economic system in favor of a completely socialized one will not work. WHM

  2. Karl-Ludwig Diehl April 25, 2013 at 11:57 am |

    It is very simple to say: “I am anti-capitalist!”
    If we go for example to the basic structure of cities and towns, the neighborhoods, and begin to organize neighborhood parliaments, who have the intention to help? I am sure the anxiety to enter in contact with all the residents that haven’t an ecosocialist, socialist or green political orientation produce a paralysis in this form that ecosocialists, socialists and greens rest passiv. That is the biggest problem. To organize anticapitalist protests is one thing, to organize the basic work for a parliamentary structure that really change the society is the other thing and it is very hard. To speculate with the hope, that we enter one day in a “revolution” because of this always faster process of climate change, is a dangerous investment in life time. Only if you have a broad basic democratic movement, that is installing neighborhood parliaments in all parts of the States with the idea to work over the ecosocialistic or others effective ideas for a better organized future of regions and cities, than you have a really democratic revolution that is completly accepted in the States. But before the beginning with this process of a large basic democratic work you must reduce your anxiety to enter in a normal dialog with all this residents that have an other political orientation. That’s all, but it isn’t so simple to organize this private revolution in your head. Help to install in Marble Hill in the north of Manhattan an neighborhood parliament.

  3. Tom Siracuse April 24, 2013 at 1:45 pm |

    This great conference was a first step in organizing a left coalition that promotes the consciousness that capitalism is inimical to a healthy environment. So far,various environmental groups with connections to the Democratic Party have dominated the ecological movement and cannot make that connection or how the Obama administration is party of the problem. Although there are Greens who describe themselves as “anti-corporate” rather than anti-capitalist, there is a growing number of Greens, like myself, who are anti-capitalist.
    Tom Siracuse
    Chairperson of the Manhattan Green Party Local and
    Shut DownIndian Point Now

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