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  1. John R Bell March 5, 2013 at 2:04 am |

    The term “free” market is purely ideological; however, competitive market capitalism did actually exist in history, reaching its purest form as Marx was completing Capital vol.I. In that unfinished masterpiece, Marx assumed for the purposes of clearing exposing capital’s laws of motion or inner logic a purely capitalist economy in which use-value resistance was limited to that which was similar to that being offered by the light relatively simple cotton goods that were then being produced in Britain’s leading industry. In that theoretical context where joint stock corporations did NOT play a role capitalism did not exhibit all the evils it displays in the many less than pure historical capitalisms but it does necessarily exploit workers, de-skill work, reproduce class inequality, pass through periodic crises, attempts to grow infinitely inside ecosystems with finite limits that capital refuses to acknowledge, etc. etc. My 2009 book, Capitalism & the Dialectic (Pluto) which employs an Uno-Sekine approach completes and corrects Marx’s account of capitalism’s laws of motion and confirms that Marx’s the basic correctness of Marx’s approach and his account of capitalism’s laws of motion. It demonstrates that the “freest” market capitalism would free capital but would subject workers to the dull and impersonal compulsion of capital’s logic. A capitalist heaven is a worker’s hell.

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