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  1. cyberclark May 2, 2012 at 7:49 pm |

    This past election was the biggest theater that Albertan’s have seen for a great while.

    The Conservatives, hit with an onslaught of attacks over collecting no oil revenues for the people of Alberta and facing the possibility the oil companies would face a Liberal Government at a time when new tar sands plants were to complete their pay-down the Conservatives had to do something.

    There was multi billions of dollars riding behind on this election!

    Redford was hit with the fact she stole 8 billion dollars in pension funds in her trust; They paid MLAs for two years of meeting with a commission that never met.  The list of scandals went on.

    Oil companies recognized they were a poor bet to back so threw millions into the Wild Rose Party who had adopted oil lobbyists and Ralph Klein holdovers into their party!  They effectively invented the Ugly Sister party; something to scare the electorate into a special voting scheme.
    Strategically Vote they said.

    Not wanting the WRP in people shoved votes at the ruling conservatives on their own personal platform of lies.  They diced the other parties in doing so.

    This is not the first time the Conservatives have done this!  The last time was the past federal election where Liberals were in trouble and the Conservative platform and the results were laid bare on the net.

    They put out across the net “Vote Strategically” as the NDP were about to make the next federal Government!

    It worked for them there and it worked for the Province this time.

    This whole window of opportunity came about because that pompass  ass Brian Mason rejected all calls to meld the NDP in with the Liberals.  Had they done this, there would have been a clear alternative to hold Alberta Votes to something they liked as oppose to fear of parties they didn’t like!

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