Ecosocialist online discussion group launched

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Looking for an international email forum devoted to ecosocialist ideas and activities?

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Looking for an international email forum devoted to ecosocialist ideas and activities? 

For almost seven years, we had the EI-Network yahoogroup, created and run by the Ecosocialist International Network. Unfortunately, the organization  is no longer active, and the yahoogroup closed in December, after intensive spam attacks made discussion impossible.

For those who miss the discussion, a new Ecosocialist Discussion Group was launched last week. Founder and moderator Alexander Durnan writes:

This group is for discussion, debate and sharing of information both for knowledge and education as well as organizing resources. Posts should be of interest to ecosocialists or those wanting to learn about ecosocialism, general socialism, social justice or human rights issues, green politics, environmental or ecological issues, sustainability, etc.

Debate should be from within leftist philosophies and kept civil. Right wing philosophies, global climate change denialism/man-made climate change denialism, pseudoscience, and conspiracy theories are not welcome.

This list will hopefully fill the gap left by the now inactive Ecosocialist International Network (EI-Network) group. All of its past members are welcome to join.

Click here to join. To ensure that you’re not a spammer or a troll, you’ll have to brief;y explain your interest in the subject and copy a captcha code.


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