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"Not to laugh, not to weep, but to understand"

From Inhabitable Earth, June 9, 2007 “Not to Laugh, Not to Weep, But to Understand” As Leon Trotsky said of the Stalinist betrayal of the Russian Revolution and everything it achieved, the task is “not to laugh, not to weep, but to understand”. This site has been started as an attempt to understand essentially the politics […]

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Ecosocialism or Collapse

The following is excerpted from “The Eco-Suicidal Economics of Adam Smith,” and published here by kind permission of the author, Richard A. Smith. The full article appears in the June 2007 issue of the journal Capital Nature Socialism. by Richard A. Smith If we’re going to stop the capitalist economic locomotive from driving us off […]

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Marxism and Climate Change: An Exchange

Paul York, an organizer of Students Against Climate Change at the University of Toronto, recently submitted the following comments on Ian Angus’s article Confronting the Climate Change Crisis. Ian’s response follows Paul’s comments Ian, this is a great article. It really sums up the problem. The one point of difference is the solution: modern capitalism […]

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