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Socialism, Democracy and Movement-Building

Editor’s note: Beyond discussing the causes and implications of ecological destruction, ecosocialists need to consider what kind of movement is needed to transform society. This article, by a leading member of the British group Socialist Resistance, offers some trenchant criticisms of the “really existing left” in capitalist countries today. (more…)

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Some criticisms of the Belem Ecosocialist Declaration

Daniel Tanuro, a certified agriculturalist and eco-socialist environmentalist, writes for “La gauche”, (the monthly of the LCR-SAP, Belgian section of the Fourth International), and Inprecor. This article was submitted to the discussion of the Belem Declaration, which the Ecosocialist International Network distributed at the World social Forum in Brazil in January. His comments were published […]

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Hugo Blanco on ‘ecosocialism’ and indigenous struggles

At the recent Ecosocialist International Network meeting in Brazil, there was considerable discussion about whether the word “ecosocialism” should be used in Latin America. Concerned that translation difficulties may have contributed to some misunderstandings, the Peruvian indigenous peasant leader Hugo Blanco sent this message to clarify his views. (more…)

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