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Ecosocialist Resources, January 2018

Recommended reading: CO2 rise and denialism; women, nature and capital; left eco-modernists; carbon pricing; massive insect die-off; food nutrients in decline

Ecosocialist Resources, published from time to time in Climate & Capitalism, links to articles, reports, talks and videos that are relevant to our mission. If you read or write an article that might be appropriate for this column, please post your suggestion in the Climate and Capitalism Facebook group.

Please note: Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement, or that we agree with everything (or even anything!) the item says.

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The global CO2 rise: the facts, Exxon and the favorite denial tricks
Stefan Rahmsdorf / Real Climate

“The basic facts about the global increase of CO2 in our atmosphere are clear and established beyond reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, I’ve recently seen some of the old myths peddled by “climate skeptics” pop up again. Are the forests responsible for the CO2 increase? Or volcanoes? Or perhaps the oceans?”

Women, nature, and capital in the industrial revolution
John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark / Monthly Review

“A contribution to the rapidly growing body of work on social reproduction theory, which represents one of the most remarkable attempts to extend historical materialism in our time, comparable only to the dramatic emergence of ecosocialism.”

The shitty new communist futurism
Aaron Vansintjan / Entitle Blog

“The first in a series of articles that critically engage with the ongoing discussions about eco-modernist socialism and communist futurism, projected in Jacobin magazine’s climate change issue.”

The planet is burning and neoliberalism is not the answer
Scott Edwards / In These Times

“Pollution pricing isn’t progressive; it’s a regressive, conservative approach that will deliver the same outcomes that other neoliberal approaches have: deeper inequity and sustained corporate control.”

A different dimension of loss: inside the great insect die-off
Jacob Mikanowski / The Guardian

“Everywhere, invertebrates are threatened by climate change, competition from invasive species and habitat loss. … A troubling new report from Germany has shown a 75% plunge in insect populations since 1989.”

The great nutrient collapse
Helena Bottemiller Evich / Politico

“Across nearly 130 varieties of plants and more than 15,000 samples collected from experiments over the past three decades, the overall concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron had dropped by 8 percent on average. The ratio of carbohydrates to minerals was going up. The plants, like the algae, were becoming junk food.”

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One Response to Ecosocialist Resources, January 2018

  1. Judith Watson January 29, 2018 at 1:40 pm #

    I wasn’t very impressed with the Helena Bottemiller Evich article, which was written in a shock-horror style. This is potentially a very interesting topic, but it would need a high level of scientific literacy to engage with it properly and make a critical reading of all the literature. Until there is more research, it would seem that any decrease in nutrients in food crops is mainly due to the choice of varieties, as well as to deliberate speeding up of growing by irrigation, artificial fertilisers, polytunnels and the like.

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