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Ecosocialist Resources, December 2016

green socialistFive articles and a video for green-lefts and left-greens

Ecosocialist Resources, published from time to time in Climate & Capitalism, links to articles, reports, talks and videos that are relevant to our mission. If you read or write an article that might be appropriate for this column, please post your suggestion in the Climate and Capitalism Facebook group.

Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement, or that we agree with everything (or even anything!) the item says.

All previous Ecosocialist Resources columns are available here.

Marx as a Food Theorist
John Bellamy Foster / Monthly Review

The Cry of Mother Earth! Call to the First Ecosocialist International
Ecosocialist Horizons

A Kurdish Response to Climate Change
Anna Lau, Erdelan Baran, and Melanie Sirinathsingh / Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Top 1% of adults own 51% of the world’s wealth;
top 10% own 89%; and bottom 50% own only 1%

Michael Roberts

COP22’s Imperialist Environmentalism
Joe Hayns / Jacobin

Facing the Anthropocene
Ian Angus / Socialist Project (Video)

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