Top 10 C&C articles of 2015 … and of all time

TOP 10There are now 2,064 articles on the Climate & Capitalism website. These are the ten that attracted the most readers in 2015 … and the ten most-read articles since 2007. How many have you read?

One article makes both lists:“The liberal attack on Naomi Klein and ‘This Changes Everything’,” by John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark, is this year’s most-read article, and the third most-read since C&C was launched in 2007.

Top 10 new articles in 2015

The liberal attack on Naomi Klein and ‘This Changes Everything’

Naomi Klein: To fight climate change we must fight capitalism

Hijacking the Anthropocene

Full text of pope’s statement on environment and exploitation

Why capitalism is addicted to oil and coal

Film Review: Are cows destroying the climate?

Marx and nature: A red and green perspective

What strategy for an ecological ‘great transition’?

Anthropocene heat, part 1: The new (deadly) normal

Ecological crisis and the tragedy of the commodity


Top 10 articles ever

The four laws of ecology and the four anti-ecological laws of capitalism

Population control: 10 reasons why it’s the wrong answer

The liberal attack on Naomi Klein and ‘This Changes Everything’

How climate change threatens food security

The myth of the tragedy of the commons

Africa: Why the richest continent Is also the poorest

Environmental determinism: Does climate control our destiny?

What did that ‘NASA-funded collapse study’ really say?

Like unicorns, the ‘free market’ doesn’t exist

Strategy and tactics in the environmental movement

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