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Ecosocialist Resources, published at irregular intervals in Climate & Capitalism, links to articles, reports, talks and videos that are relevant to our mission and goals. Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement, or that we agree with everything (or even anything!) the item says. If you read or write an article that might be appropriate for this column, please post your suggestion in the Climate and Capitalism Facebook group.

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Can Borneo’s tribes survive the ‘biggest environmental crime of our times’
Politically connected timber barons have made billions destroying most of Borneo’s rain forest. The Penan are fighting to hold on to what’s left.
Interview: Lukas Straumann, author of Money Logging
National Geographic

 Carbon counterattack: How Big Oil is responding to the anti-carbon moment
If a climate movement is going to challenge the energy powers of this planet effectively, it’s crucial to grasp the vision into which Big Energy is undoubtedly planning to sink incredible resources and which, across much of the planet, will become a living, breathing argument for ignoring the catastrophic warming of the planet.
Michael T. Klare

From bad to worse: Lima’s roadmap for global burning
The recent UN climate talks established a roadmap to an agreement that will be weaker than the ongoing Cancun Agreement, and it lays a foundation for an even worse agreement in Paris in 2015.
Pablo Solon
Huffington Post

Post-quake Haiti: Left in the rubble
The most destitute, those who were the most disadvantaged before the quake, continue to be left out in the cold.
Chiara Liguori
Al Jazeera

 No ordinary matter: Conserving, restoring and enhancing Africa’s soils (pdf)
In Africa, 65% of of arable land, 30% of grazing land and 20% of forests are seriously damaged. Better land management could deliver 1.4 trillion dollars in increased crop production, 35 times the losses.
Montpelier Panel 

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