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Ecosocialist Resources, published at irregular intervals in Climate & Capitalism, links to articles, reports, talks and videos that are relevant to our mission and goals. Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement, or that we agree with everything (or even anything!) the item says. If you read or write an article that might be appropriate for this column, please post your suggestion in the Climate and Capitalism Facebook group.

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Campaign against Alberta tar sands gets massive boost in Quebec
Quebec’s movement against climate disaster has been given a major boost by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the former student leader who just received the Governor General’s Literary Award for his book on the 2012 student strike.
Richard Fidler
Life on the Left

Ebola epidemic exposes the sickness of the global economic and political system
Why are we confronted with an Ebola epidemic in West Africa? The answer lies not in the pathology of the disease but in the pathology of our society and the global political and economic architecture. It is not an accident that the present Ebola epidemic has affected three of the poorest countries in the world.
Peoples Health Movement
Links International Journal of Socialist Revewal

Ideological foundations of neoclassical economics:
Class interests as “economic theory”
A driving force behind the evolution of economics as a dismal and obscuring discipline is the role of influential vested interests and/or the dominant ruling ideology.
Ismael Hossein-zadeh
Philosophers for Change

In response to the Socialist Party of Great Britain’s slur on the Green Party & ecosocialism
This brand of socialism is narrow minded and has little or no practical relevance.
Martin O’Beirne

Extractivism vs. the climate:
An exploration of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything
Naomi Klein has once again crafted a work that crystallizes the pressing questions of the day. She has given us her answers and sparked what will hopefully be a forward-looking, spirited debate that informs the big task of cooling a rapidly warming world.
Michal Rozworski

Debt and the international context in the South and in the North from 2000 to 2014
The rise in debt, and its concentration in a few hands, leads to a redistribution of income in favour of the richest members of society, which in turn is both the cause and consequence of heavier exploitation of labour and natural resources.
Éric Toussaint
International Viewpoint

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