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The Ecosocialist Resources column is published at irregular intervals. It features links to new articles, reports, talks and videos that are relevant to Climate & Capitalism’s mission and goals. Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement, or that we agree with everything (or even anything!) the item says. If you read or write an article that might be appropriate for this column, please post your suggestion in the Climate and Capitalism Facebook group.


Drinking petrodollars – BP Whiting’s ongoing threat to the Great Lakes
Three months ago, BP’s massive Whiting, Indiana tar sands refinery spilled 1,600 gallons of oil into the largest freshwater system in the world. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.
Christine Geovanis
System Change Not Climate Change

What happened in last summer’s oil train disaster in Quebec that killed 47
Details of the events leading to last July’s oil train disaster in Lac Mégantic, Quebec, have been made public for the first time. They reinforce an existing portrait of the accident as a perfect storm of corporate malfeasance.
Roger Annis

Until environmentalists tackle capitalism, we will never stop climate change
Neither degrowth, nor the mainstream of ecological economics emphasize the necessity of breaking the concrete power relationships that guide the logic and imperatives of capital accumulation and hence, economic growth.
Brad Hornick

Ecosocialism: Putting on the brakes before going over the cliff
The passage from capitalist ‘destructive progress’ to ecosocialism is an historical process, a permanent revolutionary transformation of society, culture, and mentalities. This transition would lead not only to a new mode of production and an egalitarian and democratic society, but also to an alternative mode of life.
Michael Löwy
New Politics

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