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The Ecosocialist Resources column is published at irregular intervals. It features links to new articles, reports, talks and videos that are relevant to Climate & Capitalism’s mission and goals.

Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement, or that we agree with everything (or even anything!) the item says.

Capitalism by blowtorch: Climate change meets economic growth in Vietnam
The impact of government policies directed toward profit maximization, industrialization and modernization of all commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors and continued export growth, dictate an emphasis on short-term expansion rather than on longer-term planning, equity and sustainability.
Chris Williams

Economics of transporting and processing tar sands crude in Quebec (pdf)
Tar sands proponents claim that Quebec will benefit from transport and processing of tar sands crudes, notably in terms of lower fuel (gasoline) prices and economic development (jobs and other spinoffs). In fact, more involvement in the tar sands would provide few (if any) benefits for Quebec, but would expose Quebec to substantial risks, costs, and negative environmental impacts.
Goodman Group
Greenpeace Canada / Equiterre

Obama’s new emissions plan is a trick that will let the planet burn
His supporters greeted it as a dramatic step forward in the fight against climate change. But the plan is far less ambitious than it sounds. The only ones who really have much to celebrate are the bosses of fracking companies.
Dave Sewell
Socialist Worker (UK)

Obama’s emissions plan won’t cut it
The Obama administration hopes its too-little-too-late plan will convince people who care about climate change to support the Democrats in the 2014 elections, even as Obama may well approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline after the midterm elections. But as five and a half long years of nothing has proven, the Democrats won’t follow through on their promises to protect the environment.
Socialist Worker

 Oil-by-rail on trial in Canada and Maine
The explosive growth of oil by rail traffic in the United States and Canada and the failure to do anything about safety except tinker around the edges of the matter all but guarantee that the string of oil train crashes that followed the Lac Mégantic tragedy will continue. And that’s without addressing why oil production is expanding in a climate-warming world.
Roger Annis

A green-syndicalist responds to a ‘socialist’ defense of nuclear energy
Nuclear power reinforces the monopoly capital model. The future of socialism, if it’s going to have any future at all, is going to be democratic and decentralized, not concentrated into the hands of a technocratic elite, the type of governance model that nuclear power presupposes.
Steve Ongerth
IWW Environmental Unionism Caucus

 Climate change, carbon trading and societal self-defense (pdf)
Carbon markets have opened up new investment opportunities particularly for finance capital and a range of new career paths, but have contributed next to nothing to climate change mitigation. To avoid dangerous climate change, other policy means need to be applied as soon as possible.
Max Koch
Real-world Economics Review

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