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This week’s selection of ecosocialist resources includes some particularly powerful articles and talks on the strategic and theoretical challenges facing the left today.

Why I’m an ecosocialist
Video of presentation at  Open University of the Left, December 14, 2013, Chicago
Paul Street

From occupy to climate justice
Much of the left, especially the economic left, doesn’t admit — or even denies — that the climate crisis poses a catastrophic threat to humanity’s survival. Maybe tghat’s because the implications of climate science are too radical, even for radicals.
Wen Stephenson
The Nation

Is genius in the genes?
The debate about the impact of genes on intelligence has resurfaced, and it’s more fervent than ever. Can achievement truly be inherited? And should education be tailored to individuals’ genetic potential?
Steven Rose

 Ecosocialism: Putting on the brakes before going over the cliff
Ecosocialism is an attempt to provide a radical, civilizational alternative to capitalism, rooted in the basic arguments of the ecological movement, and in the Marxist critique of political economy. It opposes to capitalism’s destructive progress (Marx) an economic policy founded on non-monetary and extra-economic criteria: social needs and ecological equilibrium.
Michael Löwy
New Politics

Environmental or ecological unionism?
Anyone fighting the 1%; fighting for a redistribution of wealth, including labor unions, is on some level fighting an ecological fight, even if they might be loath to admit it. But what would a unionism that actively embraced ecology look like? One local union has run campaigns that may be instructive in analyzing that question.
Steven Payne
The Green Red Show

And, with no false modestly, I also encourage you to read …
Relaunching Ecosocialism Canada
This is a partisan project, written and edited by people who strongly believe that an ecological revolution is needed, and that no such revolution is possible within the framework of the capitalist system. We welcome constructive discussion and criticism, and we invite all left-greens and green-lefts to join us.
Ian Angus
Ecosocialism Canada

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