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Yet another highly subjective selection of important and/or interesting articles for red-greens and green reds.

Earth’s record: 41 billion-dollar weather disasters of 2013
Earth set a new record for billion-dollar weather disasters in 2013. Six countries set records for most expensive weather-related disaster in their history
Jeff Masters
Weather Underground

Unchecked global warming ‘will double extreme El Niño weather events’
Research shows world’s most devastating global weather phenomenon will occur once a decade under current emissions scenario
Damian Carrington
The Guardian

Facing our toxic ignorance (pdf)
Most people believe that government agencies are protecting their health and environment from the effects of toxic chemicals. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Tom Estabrook and Joel Tickner
Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow

What’s the the best/worst country in which to feed your family?
Oxfam’s new report looks at the food system from a globally comparative perspective, identifying four categories that capture whether people have enough to eat, the cost of food, the quality of food and the extent to which people eat unhealthily.
Deborah Hardoon
From Poverty to Power

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