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Some holiday season reading for ecosocialists and other greens and lefts.

Nine reasons why 2013 was not the best year in human history
The fossil fuels that once promised so much progress have turned on us.The fossil fuels that once promised so much progress have turned on us. Here are nine major reasons climate change — and the carbon pollution that drives it — helped make 2013 one of the worst years in human history.
Ryan Koronowski and Katie Valentine
Climate Progress

The terrible legacy of Agent Orange and dioxin
Vietnam and Laos are still the most affected and devastated by the dumping of 76 million litres of Agent Orange on their countries. The US government refuses to compensate Vietnamese victims of chemical warfare because to do so would mean admitting that the US committed war crimes in Vietnam
Coral Wynter
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Winstanley’s ecology: The English Diggers today
In their revolutionary ideology, rooted in a radical ecological vision and centered on the self-emancipation of the oppressed through “righteous” collective labor and the sharing of knowledge, the Diggers have much to offer modern ecosocialist theory and practice.
Daniel Johnson
Monthly Review

Are we falling off the climate precipice? Scientists consider extinction
Climate-change-related deaths are already estimated at five million annually, and the process seems to be accelerating more rapidly than most climate models have suggested. Even without taking into account the release of frozen methane in the Arctic, some scientists are already painting a truly bleak picture of the human future.
Dahr Jamail

Turning unwanted carbon dioxide into electricity
Researchers are developing a new kind of geothermal power plant that will lock away unwanted carbon dioxide (CO2) underground and use it as a tool to boost electric power generation by at least 10 times compared to conventional geothermal power.
Anne M Stark
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Climate change and socialism: An interview with John Bellamy Foster
One is reminded that Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto invoked the Sorcerer’s Apprentice when addressing capitalism. For those with any sanity left the only answer to our problems lies in an ecological and social revolution on a global scale.
Steve da Silva
Alternate Routes

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