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Marx and the rift in the universal metabolism of nature
The recovery of Marx’s ecological argument has given rise to further questions and criticisms. This article answers each of these questions, and highlights the crucial importance of Marx’s ecological materialism in helping us to comprehend the emerging Great Rift in the earth system, and the resulting necessity of an epochal transformation in the existing nature-society metabolism.
John Bellamy Foster
Monthly Review

NZ union leader on the struggle against climate change, and for socialism
There is no technical solution. There is no market solution. We have to rethink what and why we produce, where we produce, how we produce, how we transport things and people. We need a new system that is based of democratic decision making for these questions.
Mike Treen (national director of the Unite union, New Zealand)
Links international journal of socialist renewal

System change or climate change?
In walking out of the Warsaw conference, the General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, Sharran Burrow, stated: “The corporate dominance which is on show here is unacceptable. It is the same companies that advocate environmental and social responsibility that exploit workers and the environment through their supply chains.”
Ben Campbell
The Bullet

What climate denial has learnt from tobacco denial
The tactics used by the tobacco industry were successful in delaying government regulation for years. Therefore it is not surprising to see these same techniques used by those who oppose action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Anne-Marie Blackburn
Skeptical Science

China accounts for 100% of the reduction in the number of the world’s people living in poverty
It is almost impossible to exaggerate what a contribution not only to its own people but to the welfare of the whole of humanity China’s economic progress has made. Without China there would have been literally no reduction in the number of world’s people living in poverty.
John Ross
Socialist Economic Bulletin

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