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Nuclear power: For a respectful and thoughtful discussion

Climate & Capitalism strongly believes that open and comradely discussion of differences is essential to the development of a strong and effective ecosocialist movement. Our Comments Policy sets out clear and simple guidelines that exclude anti-socialist or pro-capitalist views but otherwise permit a wide range of opinion.

That’s why we published David Walters’ clear and well-argued article supporting nuclear power. His is a minority view, but it is still a disagreement within the left, and deserves a hearing.

We asked for respectful and thoughtful responses, and that’s mostly what we’ve received — readers have strongly disagreed, while maintaining a comradely tone. That’s as it should be.

The result has been an open discussion of a controversial subject, including comments from readers and replies by David Walters. We’ve also received two full-length articles arguing against nuclear: one is online now, and the other will be published in a few days. We hope they spark further debate. This is a good example of how the left should discuss.

Unfortunately we’ve also had a few responses that were anything but respectful and thoughtful, offering insults, suggesting that others are in the pay of nuclear or fossil fuel interests, and so on. Not surprisingly, in each case the commenter concealed her or his identity.

Such comments do not contribute to this important discussion. They have been deleted, and the individuals responsible have been banned.

If you aren’t prepared to abide by reasonable standards of behaviour, please don’t participate in this discussion, or any other on Climate & Capitalism.


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One Response to Nuclear power: For a respectful and thoughtful discussion

  1. David Walters December 9, 2013 at 11:13 am #

    Ian, this should be a standard for ALL political discussions I believe. Well done.