Ecosocialist resources, 35

Another selection of recent articles and talks that I recommend to left greens and green lefts.

Dead or Alive? Reflections on 30 years in the environmental justice movement
Devon G. Pena
New Clear Vision

Capitalism and the destruction of life on Earth: Six theses on saving the humans (pdf)
Richard Smith
Real-World Economics Review

Imperialism and ecological crisis: A historical perspective (audio)
Chris Williams
Socialism 2013 / We Are Many

Stop tailoring global warming scenarios to make them ‘politically palatable’ 
Interview with UK climate scientist Kevin Anderson
People and Nature

1.A strangely unscientific and misanthropic book
2.Emmott’s central mistake: Human population growth isn’t out of control
Chris Goodall responds to Stephen Emmott’s new book 10 Billion
Carbon Commentary

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