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Conquering a new popular hegemony
Marta Harncker (translated by Federico Fuentes)
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

“To win hegemony we need a new culture of the left. A pluralist and tolerant culture that prioritizes what unites us and see as secondary what divides us. We need left activists that promote values such as solidarity, humanism, respect for differences, defend of nature; that reject the pursuit for wealth and the laws of market as guides for human activity; that understand that radicalism is not about raising the most radical slogans nor carrying out the most radical actions – in which only a few participate, as the rest are too afraid – but is instead about being able to create spaces for encounters and struggle for broad sectors. A left that understands that it is in the struggle that we grow and transform ourselves and that understands that many of us are in the same struggle, which is what makes us strong, and what makes us more radical.”

Major victory for Quebec students, environmental activists
Richard Fidler
Life on the Left

“At her first news conference as premier, Pauline Marois announced that her Parti Québécois government had cancelled the university tuition fees increase imposed by the Charest Liberal government, and would repeal the repressive provisions of Law 12 … The new Natural Resources minister, Martine Ouellet, followed up by announcing an end to shale gas exploration and development in Quebec.”

The costs of fracking [pdf]
Tony Dutzik. Elizabeth Ridlington, John Rumpler
Environment America Research & Policy Center

“Over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has fused two technologies— hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling—to unlock new supplies of fossil fuels in underground rock formations across the United States. “Fracking” has spread rapidly, leaving a trail of contaminated water, polluted air, and marred landscapes in its wake. In fact, a growing body of data indicates that fracking is an environmental and public health disaster in the making.”

The return of the Malthusians and the end of political ecology?
Devon G. Peña
Environmental and Food Justice

“I urge my readers and followers to write the GPSO and help awaken well-meaning scientists from a self-deluding harmful slumber. Now is a good time – given the current crisis of capitalism – to shake them up and get them to understand that the principal problem is not population as such but the effects of capitalism on consumption and population dynamics.”

David Harvey: Rebel Cities: From the right to the city to the urban revolution
reviewed by Dan Poulton

“Harvey envisions the right to the city as a driving principle behind a reconstitution of ‘a totally different kind of city’ than the exclusionary and class-riven kind which exists under capitalism. To this end he claims the necessity of ‘a vigorous anti-capitalist movement that focuses on the transformation of daily urban life as its goal.’”

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