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The Significance of Occupy
Dan La Botz, Robert Brenner, Joel Jordan

“The following document is seen as part of the process of understanding and analyzing Occupy and what proved to be the most important development of the Occupy movement–its interaction with the labor unions. This interaction represented the greatest challenge to the movement and to those of us who seek to understand it and learn from it.”

The working class and the labour movement today
Ritch Whyman
Socialist Worker (Canada)

“Socialists should always be honest about the depth of the economic crisis and the weaknesses of the left and labour movement. At the same time, they have to avoid falling into the usual pessimism of the left. What is developing in the broader working class represents a shift in consciousness and a desire to resist. It isn’t an upturn in union struggles, but it isn’t a one-sided battle, either.”

Ruined Summer: How Climate Change Scorched the Nation in 2012 (PDF)
National Wildlife Federation

“As of August 23rd, 7 million acres of wildlife habitat and communities have burned in wildfires. 2/3 of the country has experienced drought this summer, much of it labelled ‘severe.’ More than 113 million people in the U.S. were in areas under extreme heat advisories as of June 29. July’s average continental U.S. temperature was 77.6°F — 3.3°F above the 20th-century average. This was the warmest month on record.”

International food prices again at record levels, World Bank warns
Carey L. Biron
Inter Press Service

“After decreasing somewhat in recent months, international food prices have again risen dramatically, according to figures published on Thursday by the World Bank. Statistics for July indicate a 10 percent rise over just the previous month, and a six percent increase over already high prices from the same time frame a year ago. … The new World Bank numbers extended a trend of volatility that has held over the past year as well as a trend of high food prices that dates back to 2008…”

Rise and rise of the Dutch Socialist Party:
new perspectives for socialism or naïve, hip, left parliamentarism?
Will Wroth
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

“Is this genuine, healthy, left-wing attempt to become a leading player in a hitherto overwhelmingly pro-capitalist, and recently neoliberal, parliament another naïve, doomed, traditionally social-democratic strategy? … Or is it a conscious, carefully conceived process designed to deliberately expose, challenge and extend those limits, and bring its members and supporters with it into a next phase of socialist advance?”

World’s conservation hopes rest on Ecuador’s revolutionary Yasuni model
Jonathan Watts

“A plan to preserve the most biodiverse region on Earth from oil exploitation has put Yasuni national park at the frontline of a global battle between living systems and fossil fuels. But enthusiasm is cooling and this bold project may now be at as much at risk as the wildlife itself.”

David Graeber’s “Debt” is missing an analysis of capitalism
Ingo Stützle

“Before we can think about revolution, we should agree first on what exactly is supposed to be revolutionized. Debt cancellation is indeed a correct demand, but only when the social relations that constantly bring about indebtedness are abolished as well. It seems difficult to reach an agreement with Graeber on exactly what those social relations are.” [also see Stützle’s follow-up Addendum on Graeber’s Debt]

The Dark Side of the “Green Economy”
Jeff Conant

“Just a few years ago, the term “green economy” referred to economies that are locally based, climate friendly, and low-impact. But since the global economic meltdown began in 2007, the green economy has come to mean something more akin to the wholesale privatization of nature.”

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