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Our continuing and highly selective listing of current articles, reports and books for green lefts and left greens. 

Green Bitumen?!’ Nuclear reactors in the tar sands
D’arcy Hande & Mark Bigland-Pritchard
The Dominion

“Proponents of nuclear energy are claiming small nuclear reactors in Saskatchewan will make the Alberta tar sands more environmentally friendly, all in an effort to revive the nuclear industry.”

The “pop-washing” of apartheid? Veolia sponsors “green” music festival
Alexander Billet
Electronic Intifada

“Veolia is a name infamous among Palestine solidarity activists, and the French company’s role in Israel’s regime of occupation and apartheid is a far cry from the ‘socially responsible’ image they attempt to promote with events like Rock the Green.”

Meteorologists strengthen stand on climate change
American Meteorological Society statement, August 20, 2012

“There is unequivocal evidence that Earth’s lower atmosphere, ocean, and land surface are warming; sea level is rising; and snow cover, mountain glaciers, and Arctic sea ice are shrinking. The dominant cause of the warming since the 1950s is human activities. … even larger temperature increases will occur as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere. Avoiding this future warming will require a large and rapid reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions.”

Of human bondage: The global traffic in disposable labor
Susan Rosenthal
Dissident Voice

“Capital moves freely over the globe in search of more capital and, as it does, it subjects the workers of all nations to increasingly similar conditions. By enforcing national borders, capitalism prevents the working class from uniting to defend itself. National borders divide workers into legal, illegal, documented, undocumented, permanent, temporary, native-born and alien.”

Commons: Alternatives to market and state
Derek Wall

“What is emerging fast is the alternative of a commons based economy. Peer to peer, social sharing, collaborative consumption, commons, economic democracy are all terms that cover economic activity that moves beyond the market and the state, based on cooperation and harnessing human creativity.”


Two critical reviews of
Debt: The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber

Debt: The first 500 pages
Mike Beggs

 “There is a lot of fantastic material in there. The breadth of Graeber’s reading is impressive, and he draws from it a wealth of insightful fragments of history. The prospect of a grand social history of debt from a thinker of the radical left is exciting. …. [But] here is an economics-sized gap in Graeber’s history, which he cannot fill. The answer to bad economics is good economics, not no economics. We need a genuine political economy. … Stringing together 5,000 years of anecdotes is not enough.”

Debt, society, history, morality & imperialism
Tony Norfield
Economics of Imperialism

“The main value of this book is to analyse debt as a social relationship, not simply as an amount of money one person owes to another, or some other obligation between two isolated individuals. It does this by examining the evolution of debt relations in a wide range of societies over the past 5000 years, from Africa and the Americas to Europe and Asia…. Unfortunately, however, it is not much use for giving us a view of contemporary debts, despite its aim to put the current crisis in a historical context. “

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