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Our continuing and highly selective listing of current articles, reports and books for green lefts and left greens. 

Wasted: How America is losing up to 40 percent of its food (PDF)
Dana Gunders
Natural Resources Defense Council

“Getting food from the farm to our fork eats up 10 percent of the total U.S. energy budget, uses 50 percent of U.S. land, and swallows 80 percent of all freshwater consumed in the United States. Yet, 40 percent of food in the United States today goes uneaten.”

John H. Richardson

 “Whether to build the international pipeline, designed to convey the Tar-sands oil from the massive deposits in Western Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast for refining, has not only become an explosive issue in this year’s presidential election, it has become central to the debate over the future habitability of planet earth. “

Reclaiming the seed
Vandana Shiva

“Seed is the first link in the food chain. Seed sovereignty is the foundation of food sovereignty. If farmers do not have their own seed or access to open pollinated varieties that they can save, improve or exchange, then they have no seed sovereignty and consequently no food sovereignty. The deepening food crisis has its roots in changes in the seed supply system, and the erosion of seed diversity and seed sovereignty.”

The new climate dice: Public perception of climate change
James Hansen, Makiko Sato, Reto Ruedy
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Earth Sciences Division

“The question of whether these extreme hot anomalies are a result of global warming is often answered in the negative … [but] the unusually great temperature extremities and the large area covered by these hot anomalies is a consequence of global warming, which is causing the bell curve to shift to the right.”

Hold your rejoicing about those falling CO2 emissions
Michael D. Lemonick
Climate Central

“Emissions have dropped in the U.S., thanks to a form of energy that’s ultimately not much cleaner than coal, and which has stalled conversion to truly clean energy.”

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