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Our continuing and highly selective listing of current articles, reports and books for green lefts and left greens. 

What Cuba can teach us about food and climate change
Raj Patel

“After the Cold War, Cuba faced many of the agricultural challenges that the rest of the world is now anticipating. … Some of the country’s agronomists, plant breeders, soil scientists, and hydrologists (Cuba has 2 percent of Latin America’s population but 11 percent of its scientists) found themselves being put to use by Cuban peasants in the fields. Their task: figure out how to farm without the fossil-fuel products upon which the country’s agricultural systems had become dependent.”

Stressed aquifers around the globe
Sophia Li
New York Times

“[A new report shows] that groundwater supplies in the Upper Ganges of India and Pakistan, the Central Valley of California and the North China plain are heavily overexploited, something that was already well known before. But the new study also revealed that aquifers in Iran, western Mexico and Saudi Arabia are also being quickly depleted.”

Corn for cars: Mistake, scam or capitalist normalcy?
Michael Dawson
Death by Car

“Cancellation or even suspension of the corn-to-cars rule is certainly a matter of contesting interest groups and pressing social concerns. But, at the larger level, even a temporary withdrawal of the ethanol mandate would constitute a very bad precedent within overclass-owned political marketing operations, aka government and public policy as we now know it.”

Chevron: Toxic racism redux
Devon G. Peña
Environmental and Food Justice

“Last Monday (August 8), a major refinery explosion and fire occurred at the Chevron facilities in Richmond, California in the East Bay area. … This industrial disaster was not a surprise. Environmental justice activists have been warning for decades of the threats posed by these facilities and indeed there have been several previous serious incidents in the immediate past.”

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