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Our continuing and highly selective listing of current articles, reports and books for green lefts and left greens.

Ogoni protest govt’s inaction on UNEP report
Kelvin Ebiri, Adamu Abuh, and Tunde Akinola
Nigeria Guardian 

“The crowd that took to the streets chanting anti-government songs comprised chiefs, youths, men, woman, environmental activists, all carrying bottles filled with clean water, which symbolises what they expected from the Federal Government, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation and Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), since the report was published last year. … Richard Steiner, who is a professor and conservation biologist, has said that ‘The Niger Delta is tragically the most severely petroleum-impacted ecosystem I have seen anywhere in the world.'”

Profits on carbon credits drive output of a harmful gas
Elisabeth Rosenthal and Andrew W. Lehren
New York Times

“Since 2005 the 19 plants receiving the waste gas payments have profited handsomely from an unlikely business: churning out more harmful coolant gas so they can be paid to destroy its waste byproduct. The high output keeps the prices of the coolant gas irresistibly low, discouraging air-conditioning companies from switching to less-damaging alternative gases. That means, critics say, that United Nations subsidies intended to improve the environment are instead creating their own damage.”

Creative accounting, not climate progress behind Kent’s ‘progress’ report
Christian Holz

“Environment Minister Peter Kent claimed the report shows that Canada is now ‘half way to its target of reducing total greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.’…  I believe it is appropriate to speak of fraudulent accounting practices for this segment of Kent’s purported ‘progress’ … nothing in the real world has changed.  There has been no change in policy and no change in the amount of greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere.”

Murray Bookchin: The man who brought radical ecology and assembly democracy to the left
Janet Biehl
New Left Project 

 “When environmentalists argued that the fabric of life could be preserved by curbing the excesses of capitalism with legislation, like Clean Air and Water acts, Bookchin denied it, calling such views reformism; only (social) ecology, he argued, by working to eliminate capitalism, could get at the root cause of the ecology crisis. He insisted against all comers that the root causes are social, as opposed to, say, biological.”

Earthly plunders in space?
Arun G. Mukhopadhyay
Dissident Voice

“The renewal of “limits to growth” argument is often coupled with a vision for overcoming those limits by going into outer space. The Chinese space agency and a private Russian firm have plans to mine the moon for helium-3, a potential fuel for fusion reactors. United States and Japan also have plans to establish lunar bases by the 2020s. Over the long-term the energy, raw materials, and space of the solar system and beyond will be critically needed if humanity is to go on multiplying.”

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