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Our continuing and highly selective listing of articles, reports and books for green lefts and left greens.

Three responses to Bill McKibben’s new article, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”
Anne Petermann, Dr. Rachel Smolker, Keith Brunner
Climate Connections

“While the article is full of facts and figures and the future they portend, it falls into several traps common to US-based environmentalists, which undermine its movement-building objective.” [See also the David Schwartzman’s comments in Climate & Capitalism.]

Canadian mining goliaths devastate Mexican indigenous communities and environment
David Bacon

“In Oaxaca and southern Mexico, growing anti-mining movements give a preview of what’s on the horizon. Sharp conflicts have already broken out over mines in Oaxaca where, in one community, indigenous leaders have been assassinated and the town deeply divided since the mine began operation. The companies and their defenders promise jobs and economic development. But affected communities charge that far more people lose jobs and their livelihoods because of the negative environmental and economic consequences.”

The west in flames
William deBuys

“Dire fire conditions, like the inferno of heat, turbulence, and fuel that recently turned 346 homes in Colorado Springs to ash, are now common in the West. A lethal combination of drought, insect plagues, windstorms, and legions of dead, dying, or stressed-out trees constitute what some pundits are calling wildfire’s ‘perfect storm.’ They are only half right.

“This summer’s conditions may indeed be perfect for fire in the Southwest and West, but if you think of it as a ‘storm,’ perfect or otherwise — that is, sudden, violent, and temporary — then you don’t understand what’s happening in this country or on this planet.”

Fool me twice, shame on me: The oil industry repackages the fake abundance story
Kurt Cobb
Resource Insights

“Only the oil industry would now have the audacity once again to peddle a story that it has gotten wrong for more than a decade as if it were brand new. Enlisting the media and its army of paid consultants, the industry is once again telling the public that oil abundance is at hand. … Clearly, the industry is counting on collective amnesia to shield it from ridicule.”

Importing Disaster: The anatomy of Enbridge’s once and future oil spills [PDF]
National Wildlife Foundation

“When it spills, tar sands oil is much harder to clean up than conventional crude oil, most notably because it sinks in water, rather than floats, putting our streams and rivers at risk. … We know tar sands pipelines are going to spill. The only remaining questions are — When? How much? Where? Will it get cleaned up? And who will pay for it?”

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