"We are the one percent!" Cops evict 'polluters'

On March 24th, mock corporate polluters set up shop at UN headquarters to promote their false solutions to the climate crisis.

In an attempt to capitalize on the occupy brand, corporate representatives erected an “illegal occupation” of their own — and the NYPD forces that usually defend the interests of the 1% were forced to evict the corporate polluters from international domain.

While the “corporate polluters” were led away in handcuffs and their branded pop-ups (Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, Chase, BP, etc.) torn down, the onlooking 99% cheered the long-awaited eviction of the 1% from their global occupation.

The March 24th eviction of Wall Street polluters was the kick-off event for a month-long campaign to “Disrupt Dirty Power” nationwide, an effort to connect the dots between corporate polluters, corrupt politicians and the destruction of the planet.

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