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A Mistaken Criticism of Cochabamba

International Viewpoint, the “English-language magazine of the Fourth International,” recently published a criticism of the Peoples Agreement adopted by the World People’s Conference on Climate Change held in Cochabamba, Bolivia in April. This article, by Australian Socialist Alliance member Ben Courtice, responds to those criticisms: we encourage C&C readers to add their comments on this […]

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Food and Farming

Food crisis: causes, consequences and alternatives

Governments and international institutions have become accomplices, when not co-profiteers, in a productivist, unsustainable and privatized food system. Their  “concern” about the increase in the price of the staple foods and its impact on the most disadvantaged populations only reveals their deep hypocrisy (more…)

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Daniel Dorling: What the ruling class believes

[Quotes and Insights #9] From Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists, by Daniel Dorling The five tenets of injustice are that: elitism is efficient, exclusion is necessary, prejudice is natural, greed is good and despair is inevitable. Because of widespread and growing opposition to the five key unjust beliefs, including the belief that so many should now be ‘losers’, […]

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