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Can Capitalism Fix the Climate?

On April 3, a columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald criticized socialists in the climate emergency movement, citing Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and frequent C&C contributor Simon Butler as people who just don’t understand that “Climate is not a class issue.” This is Simon’s response … (more…)

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Bolivia Rejects U.S. Blackmail on Copenhagen Accord

The Washington Post and the Guardian reported on April 9 that the U.S. is withholding promised climate change adaptation funds from Bolivia and Ecuador, because those countries refused to endorse Obama’s fraudulent Copenhagen Accord. Here’s Bolivia’s response, as reported by the Associated Press  on April 10: Bolivia protests US suspension of climate aid BONN, Germany […]

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Meet Canada's Fossil Fools …

(from It’s Getting Hot in Here) People for Climate Justice, a national coalition of concerned residents in Canada wish to announce the Fossil Fools of the Year, but who is it going to be? Vote for your choice. People for CJ have nominated several tar sands supporters, all worthy of the dubious prize. It will […]

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