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Indigenous Leaders Confront Barrick Gold

“Indigenous leaders from Papua New Guinea and Chile traveled to Canada this week to attend the April 29 shareholders’ meeting of Barrick Gold. Here, they will confront Barrick about human rights abuses and environmental degradation on their lands.” Highly Recommended! Indigenous Leaders confront Barrick Gold Paul York writes: This is the best media to come […]

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The Anchorage Declaration: Indigenous Meeting Demands Action on Climate Crisis

Text of the final declaration adopted by the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change, April 20-24, 2009, in Anchorage, Alaska The Anchorage Declaration 24 April 2009 From 20-24 April, 2009, Indigenous representatives from the Arctic, North America, Asia, Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Caribbean and Russia met in Anchorage, Alaska for the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit […]

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Why Carbon Markets Can't Save the World

In Canada, the British Columbia New Democratic Party is promising to cancel carbon taxes and implement carbon trading, if it wins the provincial election. In the U.S., the Obama administarion is pushing hard for a similar system, as is the Rudd government in Australia. But carbon trading cannot do the job … (more…)

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