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Should ecosocialists try to live green?

This weekend’s conference of the British Campaign Against Climate Change featured a session on Ecosocialism, with panelists Jonathan Neale (Socialist Workers Party), Derek Wall (Green Party) and Alan Thornett (Socialist Resistance). Liam Mac Uaid, who attended the session, says it included a worthwhile discussion on issues related to labels (should we call ourselves ‘eco’ socialists?) […]

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June 15: Wat Tyler Day

We´ll shoot the cutty wren … June 15. On this day in 1215, King John signed the Magna Carta, putting legal limits on the monarch’s powers, and granting legal rights to the very rich. It was over seven centuries before the rest of the population had won those rights. June 15. On this day in […]

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Terra Preta Forum Demands Justice for Victims of the Food Emergency

Declaration of the Terra Preta Forum on the Food Crisis, Climate Change, Agrofuels and Food Sovereignty Terra Preta (“black soil” in Portuguese) is the incredibly fertile soil created by Indigenous Peoples in central Amazonia. The Terra Preta Forum was organized by IPC — the International NGO/CSO Planning Committee — as a civil society alternative to […]

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