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Murray Bookchin: Anthropocentrism versus biocentrism – a false dichotomy

[Quotes and Insights #24] Introduction by Ian Angus — Some green writers, particularly those who support the viewpoint known as deep ecology, accuse socialist environmentalists of anthropocentrism, of giving absolute priority to human needs and ignoring or downplaying the needs of non-human nature. To that, they counterpose what is variously called biocentrism or ecocentrism – the […]

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Murray Bookchin: Ecological problems are social problems

[Quotes and Insights #19] by Murray Bookchin What defines social ecology as social is its recognition of the often-overlooked fact that nearly all our present ecological problems arise from deep-seated social problems. Conversely, our present ecological problems cannot be clearly understood, much less resolved, without resolutely dealing with problems within society. To make this point […]

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Murray Bookchin on Growth and Consumerism

Perhaps because he was an anarchist, the works of Murray Bookchin are rarely read by ecosocialists today. That’s a pity, because he was one of 20th century’s most insightful writers on environmental politics. The following are excerpts from his article “Death Of A Small Planet,” originally published in The Progressive in 1989. The full text of […]

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