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Richard Levins: Capitalism, hunger and health

[Quotes and Insights #28] “The continuation of hunger in the modern world is not the result of an intractable problem thwarting our best efforts to feed people. Rather, agriculture in the capitalist world is directly concerned with profit and only indirectly with feeding people. “Similarly, the organization of health care is directly an economic enterprise […]

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Bertolt Brecht: A song about carbon pricing

[Quotes and Insights #26] by Dave Riley Die Massnahme (The Measures Taken or The Decision) was the first of Bertolt Brecht’s “learning” plays. It is a heavily didactic perhaps — even a tres propagandistic (egads!) and shocking — but is nonetheless beautifully conceived and written with music by Hans Eisler. It premièred at the Berlin Schauspielhaus […]

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Murray Bookchin: Anthropocentrism versus biocentrism – a false dichotomy

[Quotes and Insights #24] Introduction by Ian Angus — Some green writers, particularly those who support the viewpoint known as deep ecology, accuse socialist environmentalists of anthropocentrism, of giving absolute priority to human needs and ignoring or downplaying the needs of non-human nature. To that, they counterpose what is variously called biocentrism or ecocentrism – the […]

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