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Murray Bookchin on Growth and Consumerism

Perhaps because he was an anarchist, the works of Murray Bookchin are rarely read by ecosocialists today. That’s a pity, because he was one of 20th century’s most insightful writers on environmental politics. The following are excerpts from his article “Death Of A Small Planet,” originally published in The Progressive in 1989. The full text of […]

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Debating Population Control

Simon Butler’s article “Will Population Control Solve the Climate Crisis?” has prompted sharp criticisms from readers who defend the “overpopulation” viewpoint. Simon has posted a reply. You can read and participate in the discussion here and here.

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Demography and Women's Rights

This email is from John Riddell, co-editor of Socialist Voice. He has given permission to republish it here. He stresses that these are informal notes, not a worked out article or analysis. The June 29 New York Times Magazine features a significant article on population trends, entitled No Baby? Discussion of demography is notoriously beset […]

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