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Karl Marx, Ecologist

“Even an entire society, a nation, or all simultaneously existing societies taken together, are not owners of the earth. They are simply its possessors, its beneficiaries, and have to bequeath it in an improved state to succeeding generations.” (more…)

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Ecology Against Capitalism

“An ecological approach to the economy is about having enough, not having more.” — John Bellamy Foster Who says Marx wasn’t green? John Bellamy Foster. Ecology Against Capitalism. Monthly Review Press, New York, 2002. 160 pages. reviewed by William Bowles ‘For the first time … nature becomes purely an object for humankind, purely a matter […]

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Marxism and Climate Change: An Exchange

Paul York, an organizer of Students Against Climate Change at the University of Toronto, recently submitted the following comments on Ian Angus’s article Confronting the Climate Change Crisis. Ian’s response follows Paul’s comments Ian, this is a great article. It really sums up the problem. The one point of difference is the solution: modern capitalism […]

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