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G8 Moves Backward on Climate Change

Statement of organizations affiliated with the G8 Action Network   Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, July 9, 2008: The G8’s communiqué regarding their action on climate is actually inaction being masked as movement. It is a great fraud being perpetrated on the global community that would significantly reduce its capacity to contain climate change. We fully agree […]

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Climate Crisis — Urgent Action Needed Now!

Statement initiated by participants in the Climate Change|Social Change conference, Sydney, Australia, April 11-13, 2008 ++++++++++++ The following statement was started by the participants in the Climate Change|Social Change conference. It is being distributed to environmental, trade union, Indigenous, migrant, religious and community organizations to help build the movement against global warming. Anyone who agrees […]

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Climate Justice Now! The Durban Declaration on Carbon Trading

In October 2004, representatives from organizations and peoples’ movements from around the globe met in Durban, South Africa to discuss realistic avenues for addressing climate change. The group emerged from the meeting with this call for a global grassroots movement against climate change. The Durban Declaration has not been widely circulated in North America, but […]

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